Radio presenters took payola but played my song for just one week – Gospel musician laments bitterly

The payment of payola is one that has been frowned upon by many people in the music industry but gospel musician, Deaconess Mary Nana Sekyere has revealed that she recently paid some to presenters on radio, and yet still they failed to play her song.

Speaking on the ‘Uncut’ show recently, the Ghanaian-UK based gospel musician stated that she was quite sad that even though she paid money to them they failed to play the song after just a single week of playing it.

The “Mephibosheth” singer urged presenters who take money from musicians to do what they take the money for because it is sad for a musician to struggle and put a song together only for the song to receive little airplay even after paying the dreaded payola.

Asked if she will be willing to mention the names of any of these presenters who took her money and failed to play her song, Deaconess Mary declined to do so. She added that it was not necessary now but called on her colleague musicians to support themselves.

Source: zionfelix